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Will you be brave enough to play your part and save us all from the giant Beast? … Our future depends on you!

Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure is a sound-led choose-your-own-adventure show for the whole family. Directed by acclaimed theatre-maker/director Dr. Miles O’Neil (one third of the award winning The Suitcase Royale) and created and performed by theatre-maker/comedian Holly Austin it promises to kick your imagination into overdrive and your inner kid dazzled and giggling.

Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure follows Dr AudiYO, a beatboxing clown-come-superhero, as she sets off on a surreal adventure to slay The Beast, who’s on a rampage to silence the city. Dr AudiYO must use her ‘magic looping fanny pack’ and enlist the help of the audience to save the city.

On a bare stage, using only her voice, a microphone and a world first body-worn vocal-looping effects unit to evoke magical landscapes and characters, Austin transports her audience into a wondrous world of giants, music and cats.

The work fuses old school clowning and mime techniques with new skool beatbox and cutting edge wireless looping technology, to forge innovative ways to connect with young audiences. Think Mr Bean meets Godzilla thrown down a rabbit hole to find Alice and Dr Seuss.

In Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure the audience become the true heroes of the show. Together with Dr AudiYO’s they must play together to create and complete the show. This is at the heart of the work, the importance of imaginative play. It celebrates the audience’s bravery and courage in participating within the show and highlights the power of connection and collective action.

★★★★★ ‘The incredible vocal stylings of Holly Austin combine with looping technology and mime to create a show that simply flies by as you look on in slack-jawed amazement.’ – Funny Tone


Written & performed by: Holly Austin
Director: Dr Miles O’Neil
Producer: Tahni Froudist
Interaction Designer: Annie McKinnon
Dramaturg: Naomi Edwards
Sound Technician: Walter Ponce
Creative Brains Trust: Alex Walker & The House of Muchness
Photography: Nathaniel Dean & Pippa Samaya
Video: Lily Youngsmith

Tour Party: 2-3

Show Duration: 50 mins, no interval

Recommended Audience: 7 years and up with their adults



Arts Centre Melbourne – 5 – 10 May 2020

HotHouse Theatre – 7 – 11 July 2020

Merrigong Theatre Company – 14 – 15 July 2020



Theatre Works, St Kilda – 6 – 20 April 2019

Brisbane Festival – 25 – 26 September 2019

Something on Saturdays, Adelaide Festival Centre – 18 January 2019



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